August 26, 2017

About Us

about us electric bike plus

What is an electric bike?

Electric bike is a bike with an integrated electric motor to assist the rider. There is a great variety of different types of electric bikes available worldwide. Some bikes only have a small motor to assist rider’s pedal-power and some bikes are closer to moped-style functionality. However, all electric bikes retain the ability to be pedaled by the rider and are therefore not electric motorcycles.

The beauty of electric bikes!

Everyone knows that cycling against the wind or uphill is not always fun. Sometimes you may have to cycle distances a bit too long for regular bikes or you would like to get to work without breaking a sweat? That is why we are offering a complete range of electric bikes for every type of cyclist to make you enjoy every ride from now on. And you can always turn off the assistance! But when needed, electric motor will give you a little extra boost, assistance you wish to have. Some of them are even foldable!

About Us – Who We Are?

ELECTRIC BIKE PLUS is an electric bike company with the ultimate goal of making cycling more enjoyable! We sell stylish electric bikes that make hills and headwind disappear, we want you to get to work without breaking a sweat and make your cycling more fun than ever! When you deal with us, you are dealing with a small group of people obsessively committed to delivering fantastic customer service.

You can find all electric bikes we sell if you click on the link below.