October 13, 2017

Bike Navigation Devices

Bike Navigation Devices

Bike Navigation Devices are getting more and more popular. Some of the devices can show you the directions to your destination, to help you to navigate in unfamiliar locations. Others can track your (or your bike’s) position and can be used for security purposes. Some devices are combined with other features like: lightning, camera, bell and so on.

Beeline – Bike Navigation Device

bike navigation devices beeline

Beeline is a Bike Navigation Device that dumps your usual turn-by-turn directions for an arrow that always points you in the right direction. You plug your final destination into the app, and the direction and distance is then shown on the device. Instead of giving you turn-by-turn direction like a traditional GPS, it simply acts as a compass to guide you to your destination.

I would like to get myself one!

Lyra – A GPS and Lightning Device

Lyra is a Bike Navigation and Lightning Device. Seamlessly integrated lighting and GPS tracking into our premium commuter bikes. Lyra connects two very important values – security and visibility. Attach Lyra to never lose sight of your bike again. Not available for sale yet.

I would like to check the kickstarter page!