August 26, 2017

Electric Bike Versus Regular Bicycle

Electric bike versus regular bicycle

You may have found yourself thinking about getting an electric bike. But you don’t really know yet, what exactly is an electric bike. Or why you should prefer it over regular bicycle? This article was written to compare an electric bike with a regular bicycle. So let the battle “Electric bike versus regular bicycle” start now!

So what exactly is electric bike?

Electric bike is a bike with an integrated electric motor to assist the rider. There is a great variety of different types of electric bikes available worldwide. Some bikes only have a small motor to assist rider’s pedal-power and some bikes are closer to moped-style functionality. However, all electric bikes retain the ability to be pedaled by the rider and are therefore not electric motorcycles.

Electric Bike Advantages over regular bicycles:

  • rider’s seating position is usually more upright thanks to the motor assistance – which gives you a better overview in traffic or while avoiding any other obstacles.
  • more upright position also suits better for older people or people with back or neck pain.
  • riding against the wind or up hills is much easier because of motor assistance.
  • less intensive on knees and joints thanks to the motor assistance.
  • saves you from sweating and smelling if you like riding to work.
  • electric bike helps the rider to conquer longer distances faster and easier without requiring an excellent physical shape – perfect for bike tours.
  • most likely you will also shorten the time required to get to your destination.
  • More enjoyable to ride if tired

Disadvantages of electric bikes:

  • electric bike is usually a bit heavier than traditional bicycles – which makes it harder to carry it upstairs
  • electric bike is a bit more expensive thanks to it’s advantages
  • tires flatten faster – electric bike has more weight

electric bike advantages

Electric Bike is good for Longer Distances

There are riders who like challenges and there are riders who would like to go farther with less effort. An electric bike was made to take you farther with less effort and time. In some ways you can think about Electric Bike as a replacement for car. It gives you the freedom to ride for 90 kilometers or up to five hours, being environment friendly at the same time.

Electric Bike for Hill Climbs

electric bike uphill

Electric Bike helps you to climb up steep hills with little effort and no performance anxiety. Sometimes you just need to get from one place to other without breaking sweat. It allows you to get straight to work or theater without needing the shower immediately. You can still exercise on your ride home by lowering the level of pedal assistance.

Good for riders with different physical conditions.

Some couples or riding partners have different fitness and stamina levels. Electric bike allows you to comfortably ride wherever (big hills, challenging terrain, long stretches) and the confidence to ride with whomever (Lance Armstrong, Alberto Contador or with your children).

Electric Bikes for people who don’t like cycling too much

do not like cycling

Probably you have heard about people who have not rode a bicycle for years. Because they do not like it that much. Now there are electric bikes, that are completely different story. Think about going for a bike ride without having a worry about sweating and hard work. Taking tough uphill and headwind. Or just cruising around on your bike and enjoying fresh air. Maybe you think, why should you skip training? Image that you don’t like any training or workout? I think it is much better to ride an electric bike than not riding a bike at all!

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