Electric Bike Super 73 Scout EU

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The Scout has stylish look and feel of a motorbike, but it's easy to ride it as a bicycle. Designed for everyone, perfect for Off-Road.

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Electric Bike Super 73 Scout (EU Spec) is a perfect electric bike designed for everyone. Equipped with a brushless 250W DC hub motor and 36V battery. It will take you up to 25 km/h on pedal assist, meeting most international electric bike regulations. The Scout has stylish look and feel of a motorbike, but it’s easy to ride it as a bicycle.

It comes equipped with a comfortable motorbike bike seat, a heavy duty kick stand, removable battery for easy charging, and off-road tires for super traction. The Super 73 Scout (EU Spec) is a unique, life-changing and practical gift for anyone. The adventure is yours on a Super 73! Compliant with EU pedal-assist electric bike regulations.

Lights, Rack and Throttle you need to buy separately. Let us know, we will explain.

Technical specifications:

Motor – Brushless 250W DC hub motor
Brakes – Mechanical Disc Brakes
Lights – To be ordered separately
Distance in one charge – 32km
Battery – Lithium Ion Removable Battery 32V
Seat – Comfy motorbike seat
Tires – Off-Road Fat Tires
Max Speed – 25 km/h
Support Foot – Heavy Duty Center Stand

First impressions:

The Super 73 jolts ever so slightly when you ask it for power, so being able to pedal manually, you can slither through traffic (lane-splitting) without heading face-first into the pavement or an unaware motorist.

Riding this thing is exhilarating — you’re ‘too fast’ for the bike lanes but have just enough to compete with cars on the smaller roads. From the start line, the acceleration won’t impress you too much, but once the torque kicks in, you’re already flying.

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