Bicycle Lock Ottolock

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Ottolock is designed mainly for short-stay security (like shopping) and protecting against theft opportunists. It is More secure than a cable lock and much lighter than a U-lock



About Bicycle Lock Ottolock

Bicycle Lock Ottolock is an Innovative Cinch Lock, mainly for cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts, who value their gear and need a small, safe and lightweight solution. Most of all, Ottolock is designed for short-stay security (like shopping) to protect against theft opportunists. It is more secure than a Cable Lock and much lighter than a U-lock. Ottolock is weighting only 120 to 155 grams. 18mm wide multi-layer steel and Kevlar® band design makes Ottolock extremely cut-resistant.

Ottolock variations:

Ottolock Combo comes in two possible sizes (18in and 30in) and three possible colors (Black, Orange and Green).

Possibilities with Ottolock:

Possibilities with Ottolock are without limits! In addition to Bicycles you can use Ottolock to lock your Ski and Snow Equipment, Auto or Truck Cargo, Travel Luggage and Gear, Tools, Camping Equipment, Motorcycles, Scooters, Surfboards, Canoe and Kayak and much more. The cinching function also keeps your gear locked tight

Advantages of Ottolock Bicycle Lock:

  • It’s lightweight, weighting only 120 to 155 grams.
  • It’s flexible but still stronger than most of cable locks.
  • And it’s small and compact, you can fit in small bag or pocket.
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18in, 30in


Black, Green, Orange

2 reviews for Bicycle Lock Ottolock

  1. barry

    best lock I’ve ever used! perfect for lunch and coffee stops. Light , easy to bring along and strong enough for how I need a lock.

  2. Jonathan

    The M size of this lock is still pretty small and lightweight, fits inside of a small backpack or back pocket. Also, it is big enough to secure a mountain bike tire and frame to an outdoor bike rack. I wouldn’t feel comfortable locking my bike up overnight and combo lock a little difficult to operate.

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