MagLOCK Vault Magnetic Pedals

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Lightweight plastic composite bike pedals with magnets that make clipping in and out safe and easy



MagLOCK Vault Magnetic Pedals

MagLOCK Vault Magnetic Pedals: Lightweight plastic composite bike pedals with magnets that make clipping in and out safe and easy.

Benefits of MagLOCK Vault Magnetic Pedals

1.Unlike a platform pedal, MagLOCK Bike Pedal technology holds your feet onto your pedals using strong earth magnets.
2.Quick and easy to clip in
3.Adjustable: From nearly nothing to over 30 pounds of attractive force, pedals can be adjusted to meet your needs


Attractive force: 30-35 lbs
Dimensions: 3.75” x 4.00” x 0.85”
Weight: 1020 grams, 200 gram cleats


Inside each aluminum pedal are 10 rare earth magnets that are strong enough to hold tightly to the cleat. The cleat itself is a solid chunk of steel that bolts to your shoe with a normal, two-hole mountain bike design. The process of “clipping in” is of course ridiculously simple: Put your foot on the pedal and it sticks. Because the pedal platform is big enough you can reposition your foot by turning it or sliding it around a bit. To unclip you roll your foot off the pedal rather than rotating it. If you tilt your foot even a tiny bit it will release, alleviating the “stuck in the pedals” feeling that many beginner cyclists have. You can also remove the magnets one by one to adjust the amount of “stick” that they have.

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1 review for MagLOCK Vault Magnetic Pedals

  1. great product

    These have been great, I use them on my mountain bike for trails and roads, when commuting to work I can use my regular shoes and not have to worry. I see many friends fall clipped in and these are have been wonderful being able to remove feet quickly.

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