August 26, 2017

Electric Mountain Bike

What is Electric Mountain Bike?

Electric mountain bike is a mountain bike with pedal assist to boost your pedaling power to increase the amount of fun you’ll have on the trail. You can go farther, go faster and go to more difficult trails on an Electric mountain bike, letting you to enjoy more of everything that makes mountain biking great. Once you have tried you will love it.

Electric Mountain Bike is for who?

Electric mountain bike can suit for everybody. It suits well for people with some disabilities or people who had an injury and are trying to get back in shape. In can suit well for fresh mothers, who would like to get back to their previous shapes. Or maybe you are a busy businessman, who just would like to go out and see some mountain sights but you don’t have time to work out every day. Sometimes you just want to ride with your friends but can’t keep up with the pace. Riders lacking the fitness, time, motivation or who just aren’t interested in mountain climbing for training purposes. And you can always turn off the assist and do some tough training.

Riding an Electric Mountain Bike.

Despite the weight, mountain electric bike is a good trail bike that performs on both climbs and descents. Since the pedal assist doesn’t engage while coasting, climbing is where these bikes really shine. Most of mountain electric bikes these days have smooth and easily predictable power delivery. The motor shuts off less than a second after you stop pedaling and the onset of power delivery is momentarily delayed once you begin pedaling.

Difference of riding an Electric Mountain Bike.

When riding a normal bike through creek crossings or rock gardens you would typically stop pedaling often to avoid pedal strikes and to maneuver the bike. On electric mountain bike, continual pedaling is necessary, so make sure to get a version with bigger tires and good suspension. Bigger tires and well-damped suspension enables you to roll over obstacles you would typically try to avoid and the motor helps you to power over them smoothly.

On long road ascents you could cut ride times by 30 percent. On places, where you would normally be walking a normal bike, you are able to ride at a comfortable 7-10km/h.

Descents on electric mountain bike are less fun. Getting the rear wheel off the ground on short notice or whipping it around turns is very hard. Normally you would use your rear tire and brakes to steer, locking the brakes in tight corners at speed and then letting off and pedaling out. On very loose and exposed trails, using that approach on mountain electric bikes doesn’t work. Once the rear starts to loose traction, it’s game over.

In the air, the additional weight is also very noticeable. But everything you lose in maneuverability due to the weight, you make up with stability. All that extra weight is centered around the bottom bracket, practically gluing the rubber to the ground. Downhill as well as up, you ride the mountain electric bike very differently than you would do a regular trail bike, but that’s mostly a good thing once you’re adapted it.

One of the best mountain electric bike available:

electric mountain bike

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