August 26, 2017

Folding Electric Bike


Folding Electric Bike

The interest against folding electric bike is growing rapidly among the bike lovers. Thanks to it’s affordable price and advantages in size and compactness, millions of customers around the world have bought it – making it hugely popular worldwide. First of all, folding electric bike is diverse in its design, has options to be folded and carried like a cool sporting gadget which holds the purpose of serving many advantages.

About Folding Electric Bike

What exactly is Folding Electric Bike? It is a combination of ideas that connect the brilliance of electric bikes and the compactness of Folding Bicycles. It has not always been like that. Folding Bicycle used to associate with heavy, hard to ride, slow to fold, crude and once in a while they collapsed in a heap. In the early 1990-s that all changed. Rail operators and airlines began to tighten restrictions on conventional bicycle carriage. Bicycles that could be treated as hand luggage continued to travel free and this boosted the concept of a super-compact folding bikes. As bicycles went electric there was just one little step to make for Folding Electric Bike to come reality.

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Electric Folding Bike Advantages
Electric Folding Bike Disadvantages
Top Electric Folding Bikes Available
Electric Folding Bike Design
Why Electric Folding Bike


Folding Electric Bike Advantages

There are hundreds of folding electric bikes today and thanks to better and lighter batteries, developments in frame materials and small tyre technology, ride quality has improved, the size and weight have decreased, performance of the best has become similar to their bigger cousins.

Foldable Electric Bikes offer five primary advantages over regular vehicles:

  • Space-saving at home and elsewhere (fits everywhere)
  • Unrestricted and free carriage on public transport (in the bag or suitcase)
  • Combined commute (such as rail/folding bike) is easier than with regular electric bike
  • Relatively thief proof (actually don’t even need to leave behind)
  • High resale value (due to popularity has become easier to sell)

Folding electric bike is space saving

One of the main advantages that folding electric bike has to offer. There are many aspects. First of all, you don’t need to leave your expensive electric bike outside. You just fold it and take it with you as suitcase or bag. And if you already always keep your bike inside, image how much less space it takes in your home or office.

Unrestricted and free carriage on public transport

Nobody even knows, what you carry in your bag! Just fold your electric bike and put it in the bag or suitcase.

Combined commute with your folding electric bike

Like mentioned in previous paragraph, fold your electric bike and put it in the bag. Choose your destination, hop in the bus or train and start pedaling in your destination. This way you can take a ride, away from the city. You save unnecessary time and energy spending on getting out of the city.

Relatively thief proof

The possibility to fold your electric bike and never leave it outside makes your folding electric bike quite hard to steal.

Folding Electric Bike in a Bag

If you need to take your folding electric bike to an adventure but you are not actually planning to ride it there, Folding Electric Bike Bag will take care of it. By simply folding your bike, most likely it will fit easily into a specific bag for safe transport. Most of these bags are equipped with 2 handles and include multiple pockets for accessories such as battery, bell or gps device, keeping all your important accessories in one place.

Folding Electric Bike does not fit in a Bag

Not all folding electric bikes fit in a suitcase or fold in seconds, but they can be made significantly smaller when you’re not on the saddle. And you can generally travel free with them without booking restrictions on train, bus, underground, ferry or plane. It’s that freedom to travel anywhere with your bike that gives folding electric bikes a magic quality. A folding electric bike can open up entirely new ways of travelling with much longer distances and lighter carriage.


Folding Electric Bike Disadvantages

Customized Size

In case you don’t live near a shop that specializes in folding bikes, you may need to special order accessories directly from the manufacturer. Many common accessories sold at your local bike shop, such as bike racks, baskets and fenders, won’t fit a folding bike, and spare parts will be harder to find. If you have trouble finding bikes that fit you because of height or weight, a custom folding bike will cost more than a custom non-folding bike.


Folding bikes and electric cars face similar image issues. The style conscious may find folding bikes embarrassing to ride because of their small wheels or, in some instances, their unconventional frame shape. Commute By Bike comments that some attempts at overly modern or cool frame shapes end with ridiculous results.


Folding bikes are more compact because they have much smaller wheels than non-folding electric bikes. That means you feel the bumps and irregularities in the street or landscape more acutely. Widely known general rule notes that larger wheels are better suited for very muddy or sandy conditions, which makes most folding bikes difficult to ride on an off-roading trail. Some companies sell folding bikes with 26-inch wheels, but they give the bike less portability.


There are some other concerns with the bikes. Folding Society claims many manufacturers aren’t accurate about how long it takes to fold or unfold one. They can be cumbersome to carry around, and tough to steer. Some manufacturers may also take advantage of the term folding and require you to remove parts, such as the handlebars or a wheel, before it can be put away.

Top Folding Electric Bikes

Folding electric bikes were invented and designed to be light and compact without losing any performance advantages of the regular electric bikes. It was not possible in the beginning because of the large and heavy battery packs, but batteries are getting lighter and smaller, more stable the days. Light frame materials are getting more common to reduce the weight. And the price has become affordable. So why not to buy one?

Decided to buy one? But which Folding Electric Bike should you buy? Here are some of the best Folding Electric Bikes available on the market: Best Folding Electric Bikes

Folding Electric Bike Design

Imagine being able to carry a clean energy vehicle with you, just about wherever you go. Battery-powered bicycles are on the rise as two-wheeled commuting gains popularity in places with heavy traffic and limited parking. Having the ability to fold up your electric bike and toss it in your trunk or even in your backpack, expands your range of transportation options. There are a few big name car companies like Ford and Volksvagen getting in the action, while other innovations come from tech startups and university research groups. They all have one thing in common, though: They take a 300-year-old design for a two-wheeled vehicle and make it address modern transportation issues.

Take a look at these amazing design ideas

Ford Mode:Flex that fits perfectly in your trunk

folding electric bike Ford Mode:Flex

Leave it to a major automaker to develop a folding electric bike that fits so nicely in the trunk of a regular car. The Mode:Flex is the third electric bike from Ford and it folds roughly in half, making it possible to stow in the trunk or cargo area of most cars. That means it can help folks cut down on vehicle costs by turning at least part of their commute into a bike ride. Like many modern high-tech bikes, the Mode:Flex works with a smartphone app that enables riders to plan a route, avoid traffic, calculate parking costs and keep apprised of weather hazards.

Tern Electron that fits perfectly under your desk

folding electric bike Tern Electron

Tern Bicycles has created one of the most compact folding electric bikes on the planet. The Elektron’s lightweight frame and 400Wh Bosch battery translate into a range of up to 62 miles on a charge. Because the bike is quite small when folded up, it can easily be stowed in the trunk of a car or even under your office desk, a clever way to thwart would-be bike thieves. The company aims to launch a crowdfunding campaign soon to raise money for production costs, and that will be the first opportunity for fold-happy cyclists to get dibs on this tough little rider.

Gi FlyBike that folds in a single second

folding electric bike Gi FlyBike

The leading selling point of the Gi FlyBike is how quickly it folds in half: one second flat. The company’s cofounder Lucas Toledo says this, and the need to produce a truly next-generation bike, were the primary objectives driving the design. The FlyBike sports a slimmed-down frame with unnecessary parts intentionally omitted; each wheel only has one arm, for instance, which reduces weight. The electric bike also has all the features a serious cyclists could want, including built-in lights, an electric smart lock, a device-charging port and a Bluetooth-connected smartphone app to control the lights, lock mechanism and more. Backed by crowdfunding as well as other investors, the Flybike will soon be available on Amazon.

URB-E that recharges anywhere

folding electric bike URB-E

Designed specifically for commuters who rely on multiple modes of transportation to get from Point A to Point B, the URB-E folding scooter is simply genius. Its strange-looking frame and tiny wheels make it look quite different from its cycle cousins, but this electric scooter makes up for its weirdness with its clever design. A lightweight option for the “last mile” of an urban commute, URB-E can travel up to 15 miles per hour with a range of 20 miles on a single charge, and it doesn’t require a special power adapter or charger. Rather, the rider can simply plug it right into to a regular wall outlet (say, at the office or coffee shop) to top off the battery before taking on more miles. Weighing just 27 pounds, the URB-E could be the lightest scooter on the planet – a major bonus in addition to its compact footprint.

Impossible Bicycle that fits in your backpack

folding electric bike Impossible Bicycle

Impossible Technology is a great name for a company built around designing products to surmount insurmountable problems, and its electric bike offering is a perfect example. Perhaps the most incredible feat of bicycle-related engineering we’ve ever seen, the aptly named Impossible Bicycle folds up way smaller than any other collapsible bike out there. It compacts to such a small size, in fact, that you can carry it in a backpack.
The strange, but really cool, frame design was developed to ensure even weight distribution, as well as the bike’s amazing folding ability. The Impossible Bicycle tops out at 15.6 miles per hour and its small electric battery will last only around 45 minutes before needing a recharge. Unfortunately, its creators canceled their 2014 Kickstarter campaign after realizing they underestimated the cost of the carbon fiber frame (and a host of other financial misfires). The website is no longer active, so there’s no telling when, or even if, a bike like this will ever come to fruition.

Volkswagen bik.e that fits in a spare tire compartment

folding electric bike Volkswagen bik.e

Although the Ford e-bike unveiled in 2015 has the cycling world excited now, Volkswagen got there first, way back in 2010. It was then that the German car company launched the VW bike.e at the annual Auto China Show. VW’s take on the electric bike is a light-duty commuter option, capable of traveling up to 12.5 miles per hour with a range of (coincidentally) 12.5 miles. (VW may have limited the e-bike’s speed to coincide with the fastest speed allowed for cyclists to eschew helmets in Germany.) The bik.e also folds up small enough to fit not just in the trunk of your car, but in the spare tire compartment of your trunk, thanks to its stripped down design and singular curved downtube seat.

Q: Why would I want a folding electric bike?

A: Foldable electric bike is easy to storage and it takes less space than regular bike. Also you can take it easily with you wherever you go without having to lock them up outside or you can combine it with other ways of transport.

Frequently asked questions

Folding Electric Bike: Misconceptions

Despite the convenience, folding bikes have never really been too popular. Have you seen any people riding a folding bike recently? All the advantages (folding, small, compact, light, easy to transport) have not convinced people enough. Folding bikes have been quite ugly and not fashionable. Recently however, folding bikes are doing a strong comeback. True, folding bikes are looking much better than in the 70s, but the main reason is that folding bikes are going electric. Incredible I would say! Despite that, there are still many false rumors and misconceptions circling around.

1. Electric bikes are very heavy

Probably you have heard many times: electric bikes are heavy! But to be honest, this is far from absolute truth. It is very subjective. Electric bike might be heavier than many regular bikes, but small and folding electric bike are much lighter. Materials are getting lighter and stronger as well as batteries are getting lighter as safer. Also, that the extra weight will not affect your riding experience a lot. Of course, it is noticeable when you climb hills, but then you can engage the motor, and climbing hills gets even easier than with regular bicycle. Only moment, when you feel the weight, is when you are lifting it by hand.

2. Folding bike break easily!

People often say that the folding bike is not very durable. They claim, that part of the bike which actually folds, the hinge and joint pieces, are breaking easily. But it is not the truth. Bicycle manufacturers have taken steps to reinforce those problem spots, preventing any possible problems that may arise. The result is that folding bikes are designed to reduce the burden of weight on those hinges/joints and increase the bike’s durability. Folding bikes can actually last even longer than some road bikes because of this.

3. Folding Electric Bikes are overpriced!

This is not necessarily 100% true. If you buy and electric bike, you will also get a motor, a battery pack, control panel and so on. All those things are going to increase the price. Compared to the top mountain bikes, most of electric bikes are even cheap. You just have to compare different electric bikes, research strengths and weaknesses to find the best for the money. Also, owning an electric bike, riding it, repairing it or charging it is way more cheaper than owning a car. And you don’t waste your time in traffic jams! Environment friendly too!

4. Electric bikes cannot be used in rain or snow!

This is absolute false! Bike designers and manufacturers are smart enough to make electric bikes safe in most weather conditions. The battery pack and motor are protected from water by cases. It is perfectly safe to ride your folding e-bike in the rain, snow or sleet.

5. Folding bikes are slow!

This in not the truth. A folding bike can easily match the average road bike for speed. Actually, the maximum speed was getting to be a problem as electric bikes were too fast. Now most of the electric bikes are speed limited to be street legal.

6.Electric bikes cost a lot of money for power!

Charging up your electric bike does not cost much. If you compare the price of charging your electric bike to the price of gas, it’s a world of difference. Maybe you should try to ride electric bike instead of your car for a while?

7.Folding Electric Bikes are not street legal!

False! In the most of the world, folding electric bikes are perfectly legal, as long as certain requirements are met. For example, in the UK, the rider must be over 14, the bicycle must weigh under 88 pounds, and the power output must not exceed 200 watts. There are also limits to how fast the bike is allowed to go. Just research your local laws on the matter in advance.

8.Folding Electric Bikes are not fashionable

Not exactly truth. Maybe the designs of the 70’s don’t hold up, but you are not going to buy a folding electric bike from 70’s! Modern folding electric bikes are as fashionable as anything else. In a matter of fact, folding electric bikes are going to be a huge trend in coming years! They are convenient, take less room, you can get your bike on public transport or fit it even inside of your car.

Folding Combined With Electric Bike

A folding electric bike is what happens when you combine two of the most useful types of bikes together into one. A masterpiece of science, an ultimate bicycle. And you have to admit, there are a number of really cool folding electric bikes available. Some of them are really light, some of them fold very small, some of the fold very fast and some of them go longer distances!

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